Pantelleria with Krissy and Anton


at Pantelleria

w/ Krissy Jones

Join Krissy Jones, Lauren Gerrie & Anton Brandt for an unforgettable week on the iconic Italian Island of Pantelleria.  This is our annual favorite, we've been coming for years (in fact we were the first yoga retreat on the island!) so come explore the secret spots with us!

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About halfway between Italy and Tunisia, Pantelleria juts out from the Mediterranean ocean as a black volcanic rock.  Exuding a sense of mystery & magic, its known as the black pearl of the Mediterranean.  While officially Italian, the land & architecture feels somehow closer to Africa than it does to Sicily.  It's rustic and wild: there's no umbrella-lined sandy beaches, thumping nightlife or postcards for sale.  Rather, people come here to spend their afternoons hiking to the Lago di Venere, where the tradition is to get slathered in sulphuric mud from the milky-turquoise water. Wander off property, and clamor down a rocky path to explore the thermal baths below. 

The beauty of Pantelleria is subtle & understated.  This sparsely populated island, with it's terraced slopes of wild herbs, capers & olives, is home to more reclusive icons like Giorgio Armani.  Still today, it's one of Italy's best kept secrets.  The New York Times recently wrote an article about Pantelleria, listing our property as one of the finest places on the island. 

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