Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath

Sat, 5/25/24


w/ Francesca Valarezo & Lavender Suarez


A soothing restorative yoga and live healing music.

Ancient Indigenous wisdom and Traditional Chinese Medicine tell us that Spring signals an incredible opportunity to birth an idea. The blooming bud encourages us to expand our vision and to go outside and play but in order to bloom we must stay grounded and honor times of rest. 

Leave your week behind, and balance the nervous system as you reconnect with your physical, and energetic body. This workshop is an invitation to breathe, restore and reconnect to our life force by clearing out the energetic body. Restorative yoga is a therapeutic and somatic technique that relaxes fascia tissue and opens up the body’s energy channels. 

Francesca Valarezo will guide you through restorative yoga shapes and gentle yogic breathwork to leave you feeling supported, clear and deeply connected to your most authentic self. 

Lavender Suarez will accompany with live meditative music featuring vibrational instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, and bells to help support participants with going deeper into this restorative practice. 

This practice is an ideal self-care practice for ending your day or beginning a new week. Both breathwork and restorative yoga offer great insight and can cause miracles when done together. 

Let stress, anxiety, and tension melt away. Walk out with a relaxed body, a calm mind, and enhanced mood. 

*We recommend wearing comfortable clothing* 

LEVEL: all levels welcome/pregnancy friendly 
Accept these pre-yoga cookies?