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The Floss x SKY TING



It’s not really stretching, it’s Flossing. Fascia Flossing is a new way to stretch and rejuvenates our connective tissue from the inside-out.In this class we will combine targeted Flossing with our classic Sky Ting moves, to create a playful, flowing-format.Flossing is different than traditional stretching, it’s active, a workout and open to all levels: for our most flexi-friends to our tight crew. Fascia Flossing will help balance you out by internally exfoliating your connective tissue layer by layer, moving stagnation, and unwinding your most restricted areas.You will learn to stretch with healthy resistance to change your body from the inside out (organ support included!). It’s just like how animals stretch, they engage while they elongate, watch them, they know what’s up.We will make use of the Chinese Meridian roadmap to understand how our organs relate to muscular-fascial lines: it’s a fun lens for more self discovery! Don’t be surprised by a 30 sec boogie either.


83 min



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