Simplify: A Spring Cleanse Guided by Dr. Abby Paloma


Spring is about growth and realizing your potential. The best way to grow is to get out of your own way. 

How do you get out of your own way? By intentionally simplifying where you are putting your energy and focus. 

Join Dr. Abby Paloma, DACM in this series that will help you harmoniously transition into spring. This series is a guided body and mind cleanse, supported by the container of community, to help you simplify your practices so you can bring intentionality to your life.

Spring offers us a window to shake off any stuck, stagnant and sluggish energy from the winter months and reinvigorate the body and mind. This seasonal cleanse will help you tune up your diet, detoxify with healing herbs, and refocus your energy towards what you truly want to grow, all while staying grounded among the upward energies that spring “flings!”

Simplify begins on Wednesday, April 10th via Zoom.

PREPARE : Wednesday, April 10th | 6:30-8pm EST
CLEANSE : Wednesday, April 17th | 6:30-8pm EST
INTEGRATE : Sunday, April 21st | 4-5:30pm EST

The initial session sets the stage for your cleanse, offering an exploration into the essence of simplifying your diet and lifestyle. We will convene a week later as a collective for a communal check-in. The final session is devoted to infusing the medicine of the cleanse into your daily life. Each session includes discussion, lecture, movement and stillness practices inspired by the wisdom of spring.

Tuition: $143 for the full series


  • Lectures on Seasonal wisdom rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Guidance on a spring cleanse
  • Optional purchase of herb package for the cleanse
  • Movement practices - Yoga, restoratives, chi gong, functional movement
  • Breathwork
  • Acupressure Points 
  • Readings - Sacred Texts, Poems 
  • Homework suggestions and journal prompts
  • Guidance on seasonal foods, recipes and herbs
  • A space to listen, communicate and reflect in community 

Optional Add On: Spring Herb Bundle $63
This is a tea and tincture formulated by Dr. Abby Paloma to support your Spring Cleanse.
No international shipping. 


No prior knowledge of yoga or Chinese Medicine required. Simplify is great for anyone looking to promote their emotional and physical wellbeing this season.


Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Women’s Health Expert, Movement and Meditation Teacher, Gardener, local food advocate, Dr. Abby Paloma is a compassionate practitioner with over 15 years of experience in the healing arts. Abby meets her patients and students exactly where they are on their path toward health, and integrates acupuncture, hand-crafted herbal formulas and individually curated lifestyle regimens in her practice. Abby offers seasonal classes and retreats throughout the year. Her teaching style reveres stillness and intentional movement as antidotes to our fast-paced and dis-eased modern lifestyles. In 2023, Abby opened Paloma Healing Center in Hudson, NY, where she lives and tends Green Street Community Garden.
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